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Galapagos Packing List

Packing for any vacation is of course a personal experience, and everyone is entitled to bring what they think they will need for their own comfort and security. However, there are a couple of necesities that are highly recommended for any Galapagos vacation, whether you will be on board a cruise or touring by land. In short, less is more when planning your trip to the Galapagos Islands. The less you bring, the less you carry, and thus the more you enjoy your tours or cruises.

Below are some general suggestions on what you may need when traveling to the Galapagos Islands:

It is advisable to bring casual clothes that are light weight and comfortable to wear and walk around in. Please consider that the flights to Galapagos limit you to a maximum of 20kg.

* A light jacket or sweater (especially if you will be passing through Quito, which can get cold due to the high altitude)
* Shorts
* Comfortable T-Shirts or tank-tops
* One or two pairs of pants (for the plane and chilly nights, again especially in Quito)
* A dress shirt (for evening dinners on some cruise boats)
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Teva-style sandals (NO FLIP-FLOPS)
* A swimsuit or two

Sun Protection 
* Hat or a cap
* Sunglasses 
* Aloe Vera cream or gel for sunburn (Just in case) 

Camera Gear 
* Camera (Underwater cameras preferably)
* Extra memory cards for digital cameras. 
* Waterproof bag for your camera or a plastic bag to keep things from getting wet.
* Video Camera 
* Extra Batteries and the battery charger
* Extra film 

Money & Security 
* Original Passport 
* Copy of passport 
* Credit card(s).
* U.S. Cash (Ecuador´s national currency is the U.S. Dollar, which means there is no need to change money if you are coming from the States. It is advisable to bring small bills as many places do not except any bills larger than $20. Do not bring travelers checks as they are not accepted anywhere, not even at most banks)

Other Gear 
* Travel Alarm Clock 
* Binoculars and a flash light
* Sturdy Water bottle or Nalgene bottle
* Toiletries 
* Shampoo 
* Insect repellant 
* Small day pack 

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